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Current Rabies vaccination is required

Certification proof will need to be seen by staff. The price is $15 +tax

Grooming appointments

Prices range from $30-$60 based on size of the dog

Dog Washing / Nail Trimming

Bring your SHORT HAIR COAT dogs to the River Bluff Humane Society for a bath! We wash and dry dogs so their human families can love them that much more. We also offer nail trimming services. 

Wash Cost: $22 – $50 depending on the size of the dog

Nail Trimming: $15 plus tax. Thursday & Saturdays


Going on vacation? Board your dogs or cats with us! Dogs must have current Rabies, Distemper, and Bordatella vaccinations. Cats must have current Rabies and Distemper vaccinations. You must provide enough food for your pet for the time it will be here as well as any medications or special items your pet requires. We are happy to provide dishes and bedding but you may also bring any toys or other things for your pets’ comfort.

Single dog $25.00/day
Single cat $15.00/day
2 dogs $30.00/day (dogs are required to be under 30# to house together)


All dogs and cats within the City of Red Wing must be licensed and registered with the Humane Society. Each animal is required to have a license tag at a one-time cost of $5.

The license itself costs $10/year and is given for the same duration as the Rabies vaccination. This means that if your pet’s vaccination is good for 2 years you will get a 2-year license. If your pet’s vaccination is good for 3 years you will get a 3-year license.

City of Red Wing License for a spayed/neutered dog or cat: $10/year (1 year = $10, 2 years = $20, 3 years = $30)

City of Red Wing License for an intact dog or cat: $20/year
(1 year = $20, 2 years = $40, 3 years = $60)

In order to have your pet licensed, you will need proof of rabies vaccination including the date it was given and the date the next vaccination is due. (A collar tag is not sufficient proof. We must have the certificate from the vet clinic. Your vet can fax that or email that to us at info@rbhspets.org)

Food Pantry

We collect pet food to distribute to needy families. All types of cat and dog food are accepted.

People in need of pet food may come up to 5 times in a 12 month period. We do require them to to have an ID with them. Just stop in and ask us for help–that’s what we’re here for!