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We provide animal control services for the City of Red Wing, Goodhue County, River Falls (Wisconsin), and other townships in the area that have contracted with us. Animals that are found running at large in these areas are brought to our shelter where they can be claimed by their owners.

We also assist in investigating reports of animal neglect or abuse in conjunction with the Red Wing Police Department and Goodhue County Sheriff’s department. You may call us to report concerns you may have regarding instances of abuse or neglect.

What to do if you find a lost or stray animal

If the animal has a tag with a phone number you can try to contact the owner yourself.
If the animal does not have a tag or you are not able to reach the owner, please contact us by phone at 651-388-5286 to discuss the specifics of your situation. In general, these are the guidelines we follow, depending on the location where the animal was found:

In the City of Red Wing: You may bring the animal to the shelter yourself or contact the Red Wing Police Department for assistance.

In Greater Goodhue County: You may bring the animal to the shelter yourself or contact the Humane Society for other options if the animal is injured or dangerous.

In Wisconsin: You must first contact your local town chair person. In order to transport animals from the state of Wisconsin to Minnesota, the animal must have a rabies vaccination and appropriate documentation from a veterinarian. Only your town chair person can authorize this accordance with their animal control policies. You can read more about our Requirements for Importing Animals from Wisconsin here.

NOTE: If you find very young kittens and think they have been abandoned by their mother, please be aware that mother cats will often leave their young for short periods of time to hunt but will usually return. While we do bottle-feed when necessary, for the health and survival of the kittens it is best to leave them with their mothers. Before removing the kittens, monitor the situation to be sure they are truly abandoned. If the kittens are warm, their fur is clean and soft, and they aren’t skinny, their mother is close by. Check them again in 24 hours and don’t be surprised if the mother has returned and moved them. If they are in a dangerous situation, please make every effort to bring the mother cat in with the kittens. Contact us for more information.

Impounded Animals

Pets that have been impounded may be claimed at the Humane Society once the impound fee and any other expenses incurred have been paid.

In order to claim an animal from River Falls, Wisconsin, the owner must show proof of having paid the veterinary bill. Contact the River Falls Police Department for more information.